Our mission is to help IRS debtors regain and maintain their financial solvency.


Our company has been built on the trust we’ve earned for over 40 years—one client at a time. Those relationships start with the conversations that turn fear and confusion into an orderly plan for success. We listen carefully to your concerns, then use tax resolution expertise sharpened by over 40 years of experience to analyze your situation and craft the strategy that serves you best. Those solutions can include making an “offer in compromise,” scheduling an “installment agreement,” or in some cases even having the IRS grant an account an “uncollectible status.” Whatever the outcome, simply sharing your problem with one of our patient, licensed experts can give you the information and support that lets you gain control of your situation to end IRS stress.


G. David Brimmer, EA, PA | dave@gdbrimmer.com
David Brimmer is a public accountant with over 40 years experience specializing in IRS tax settlements. He is an IRS “enrolled agent,” the highest credential awarded by the IRS. This elite agent status carries unlimited practice rights. David has authored works in the field of accountancy and has lectured nationally on “offers in compromise” and other tax collection strategies.

Ronald Chase, EA | ron@gdbrimmer.com
Ronald Chase is a US Army veteran and former IRS Revenue Officer with 33 years experience as a special procedures advisor and “offer in compromise” specialist. He has represented the IRS at state of Maine continuing professional education seminars and maintains his IRS enrolled agent status for his work with G. David Brimmer.

Brian Mahany, Attorney
Brian Mahany has served as the head of Maine’s revenue department, Assistant Attorney General – Tax in Maine, and special counsel to the senate on tax policy. He has published numerous articles on tax issues and lectured nationally on tax policy. Brian blogs regularly on tax matters for “Business Week” magazine and on his website.

Riitta Fortier, Office Manager | rfortier@gdbrimmer.com
Riitta Fortier has 30 years of experience as a corporate office manager and administrative assistant. She facilitates communications and coordinates all phases of work for G. David Brimmer and its clients.

Sonia Damon, Bookkeeper | sonia@gdbrimmer.com
Sonia Damon has over 15 years experience as an accountant specializing in the setup and maintenance of corporate accounts and employee training for use of those systems.


  • Offers in compromise, IRS settlements
  • IRS seizure representation
  • Appeals for relief from abusive IRS actions
  • Lien discharge and subordination applications
  • IRS wage levies/garnishment representation
  • State tax, payroll tax and debt consultation
  • Affordable payment structuring
  • Appeals representation