Real Relief for Real People

Investopedia recommends that prospective clients for IRS tax settlement firms “would be wise to find a local firm that’s been in business for several years and has a presence in the community.” G. David Brimmer’s 40+ years of service in Maine is a record of that service. Our clients can attest to its value. Click any quote below for the full story of their success.

Client Testimonials:

“Every tax consultant we hired failed to resolve our difficulties. David and his associates were able to greatly reduce the amount of money that we owed to the IRS.” – C.S. & R.S., Maine

“I had a tax debt to the IRS in excess of $350,000. The end result of working with G.David Brimmer was a final settlement with the IRS of approximately $8,200.” – Bill, Alfred, Maine

“When G. David Brimmer’s website states that his firm earned an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, that is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!”  – C.L. and J.L., Maine

“I was able to settle a $90,000+ tax debt for just over $10,000. I would highly recommend the office of G. David Brimmer and Associates”  – Bobbi O., Camden, Maine

“Your cool head and knowledge of the tax code guided a case that made other firms run and hide.” – J. Martin, Maine/South Africa

“Thanks so much for the free advice that let me know where I need to go to get the levy lifted.” – Lana U., Arizona

Professional Testimonials:

“I’ve referred a number of clients to G. David Brimmer and would recommend him without hesitation.” – Jeffrey S. Worthing, CPA, Worthing & Going, Scarborough, ME

“Exceptionally helpful, David Brimmer’s agreements on behalf of my clients well exceeded my expectations.” – Diane Dusini, Esq., MittelAsen LLC , Portland, ME

“I can think of no other tax practitioner with the wealth of David Brimmer’s experience, insight and integrity in successfully negotiating with the IRS.” – William Morris, JD, CPA, LLM, MBA – Graf Repetti & Co., LLP, Certified Public Accountants & Business Advisors, New York, NY