Real Relief for Real People

Investopedia recommends that prospective clients for IRS tax settlement firms “would be wise to find a local firm that’s been in business for several years and has a presence in the community.” G. David Brimmer’s 40+ years of service in Maine is a record of that service. Our clients can attest to its value. Click any quote below for the full story of their success.

Client Testimonials:

After getting sick from a heart attack and two cancers combined with years of working injuries, I was forced to go out on Social Security Disability.  Despite having three degrees and a long work history once you get sick, you have a problem.  I was the breadwinner and we had to empty our savings and 401K to survive the medical expense and living costs.  The IRS refused to help with an OIC (Offer on Compromise) and despite spending over a year of working with the IRS they refused to do anything to help, just said that we needed to sell our home to pay them.  David was kind enough to explain everything to me and help me move things along.  He gave me an hour of his time for free, which was very generous.  He saved me from getting ripped off by the offers I have received in the mail.  We are still struggling with the IRS and their hard line approach, but we have the answers we need to work with them thanks to David Brimmer.

– Chuck Hindes

“Every tax consultant we hired failed to resolve our difficulties. David and his associates were able to greatly reduce the amount of money that we owed to the IRS.” – C.S. & R.S., Maine

“I had a tax debt to the IRS in excess of $350,000. The end result of working with G.David Brimmer was a final settlement with the IRS of approximately $8,200.” – Bill, Alfred, Maine

“When G. David Brimmer’s website states that his firm earned an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, that is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!”  – C.L. and J.L., Maine

“I was able to settle a $90,000+ tax debt for just over $10,000. I would highly recommend the office of G. David Brimmer and Associates”  – Bobbi O., Camden, Maine

“Your cool head and knowledge of the tax code guided a case that made other firms run and hide.” – J. Martin, Maine/South Africa

“Thanks so much for the free advice that let me know where I need to go to get the levy lifted.” – Lana U., Arizona

Professional Testimonials:

“I’ve referred a number of clients to G. David Brimmer and would recommend him without hesitation.” – Jeffrey S. Worthing, CPA, Worthing & Going, Scarborough, ME

“Exceptionally helpful, David Brimmer’s agreements on behalf of my clients well exceeded my expectations.” – Diane Dusini, Esq., MittelAsen LLC , Portland, ME

“I can think of no other tax practitioner with the wealth of David Brimmer’s experience, insight and integrity in successfully negotiating with the IRS.” – William Morris, JD, CPA, LLM, MBA – Graf Repetti & Co., LLP, Certified Public Accountants & Business Advisors, New York, NY