After getting sick from a heart attack and two cancers combined with years of working injuries, I was forced to go out on Social Security Disability.  Despite having three degrees and a long work history once you get sick, you have a problem.  I was the breadwinner and we had to empty our savings and 401K to survive the medical expense and living costs.  The IRS refused to help with an OIC (Offer on Compromise) and despite spending over a year of working with the IRS they refused to do anything to help, just said that we needed to sell our home to pay them.  David was kind enough to explain everything to me and help me move things along.  He gave me an hour of his time for free, which was very generous.  He saved me from getting ripped off by the offers I have received in the mail.  We are still struggling with the IRS and their hard line approach, but we have the answers we need to work with them thanks to David Brimmer.

– Chuck Hindes

We would highly recommend G. David Brimmer and Associates. My husband and I were involved in the economic devastation from the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. Our business failed; and as a result, we ended up having issues with the IRS for 11 years. Every tax consultant or tax relief company we had hired during that time failed to resolve these difficulties and provided false assurances once they realized the complexity of the situation. It was not until we found David and his Associates that we finally encountered a team of tax specialists who were both professional and caring; and who were willing to work with us throughout the entire process. We especially appreciated their honesty in accessing our situation. They were able to greatly reduce the amount of money that we owed to the IRS; additionally, they were able to negotiate the removal of all the penalties and interest. In fact, we paid practically nothing considering the sum of money we owed. Because of both their professionalism and their conscientious attention, we would without reservation, recommend them to anyone having significant difficulties with the IRS.

– C.S. & R.S., Maine

“There is nothing that makes your heart stop beating after you receive a notice from the IRS stating they have discovered areas of concern with back taxes. Not knowing what to do and realizing sticking our heads in the sand was not a strategic move we did some research on the internet where we read about David and his associates. When it states that his firm earned an A+ with the Better Business Bureau that is an UNDERSTATEMENT!! I have never dealt with such a team of devoted professionals in my life. Our situation was embarrassing, but at no time did anyone pass judgment and make us feel worse than we already did. Pleasantly, they did the opposite making the situation bearable giving us hope that all would work out—which it did. From what seemed like a never ending nightmare, it’s all over and we are debt free with the IRS only owing them a small percentage of the original owed tax estimate. We can’t thank David, Riitta and Ron enough for standing by us and caring as much as they did. Thank you ALL so very much!!!!!

– C.L. and J.L., Maine

“When the company I had worked at for 25 years and owned for 5, went out of business I was left with a tax debt to the IRS in excess of $350,000. Unable to settle the debt through a Chapter 13, I was at a loss for where to turn for help. As I researched those companies who advertise on television and radio, I would see negative review after negative review. Finally someone referred me to G. David Brimmer and Associates. From day one they explained my options and clearly defined a course of direction. David, Riitta and Ron were always there when I needed help and followed through on all their promises in a timely fashion. The end result was a final settlement with the IRS of approximately $8,200. If you need help with an IRS issue, I would highly recommend contacting G. David Brimmer and Associates.”

– Bill, Alfred, Maine

“I would like to thank you for your professionalism in dealing with the IRS. You and your staff were always right there when I had questions and never once did you ever refuse a call. It is with the utmost respect that I write this letter to you. Your cool head and knowledge of the tax code guided my case that for a number or reasons, not the least of being overseas, made other run and hide from it. Being someone that has worked out of the country most of his adult life it’s very hard to find to find a firm that understands international tax situations in conjunction with US tax codes. I found you to be the man for the job by leaps and bounds. When records weren’t available you found them, when the IRS had made a mistake, you professionally and calmly dealt with them. I would like to give your firm a big “thumbs up”. Any Xpat that needs help regarding their taxes should look no where else but to you to solve their problems.”

– J. Martin, South Africa, Namibia, Liberia, Sierra Leone and other places

Dear David Brimmer, Thanks so much for giving me all your knowledge today. I have been totally lost dealing with the IRS. I will call you soon for more free advice to help me get through this. I can’t thank you enough for answering my call personally . You dropped what you were doing just guide me for free where I need to go to get the levy lifted. David thank you so much.

– Lana U., Arizona

I am writing to inform anyone with an old Federal IRS tax debt that you would not be sorry for hiring G. David Brimmer and Associates. I was able to settle a $90,000+ tax debt for just over $10,000. I know the initial price, and price if you have to appeal the IRS decision, seems like a lot of money, however, the service you will receive from David Brimmer and Ron Chase is impeccable and second to none. When you call David’s office you will speak with a live person, and if David or Ron are not available they WILL get right back to you. I never had to call them twice or e-mail twice to get an answer to the many questions I had throughout the process of settling my debt. I even spoke to Ron while he was on vacation and he let me know that he was going on vacation and that I could still reach him. They always kept me updated as to where we were in the process and everything was done in a timely manner, this however could not always be said about the IRS. My experience took longer than most, but David and Ron were with me the whole time assuring me that they were not going anywhere until my debt was settled. I would highly recommend the office of G. David Brimmer and Associates to anyone who found themselves in my situation of owing the IRS back taxes for whatever reason.

– Bobbi O., Camden, Maine

Here’s what some of our professional associates have said:

“A recognized expert… In every case, Dave has conducted himself honorably and as a true professional. If you’re concerned about him trying to lure away your clients, you can put your mind at ease. He not only hasn’t taken any of my clients, he’s sent several our way”

– John F. Conley, CPA, MST, Blake Hurley McCallum & Conley, LLC, Portland, ME

“I’ve referred a number of clients to G. David Brimmer and would recommend him without hesitation. He negotiates with the IRS and State to reduce the client’s tax liability, stop all collection activity, and get their financial affairs in order. In every case, the client has benefited.”

– Jeffrey S. Worthing, CPA, Worthing & Going, Scarborough, ME

“Exceptionally helpful…(his) agreements on behalf of my clients well exceeded expectations. His work has always been done in a timely manner and at a very reasonable cost.”

– Diane Dusini, Esq., MittelAsen LLC , Portland, ME

“I can think of no other tax practitioner with the wealth of David Brimmer’s experience, insight and integrity in successfully negotiating with the IRS and state tax agencies on compromising the tax debts owed by his clients.”

– William Morris, JD, CPA, LLM, MBA – Graf Repetti & Co., LLP, Certified Public Accountants & Business Advisors, New York, NY